Ah, silence

Things are a little on the quiet side here at New Bioscope Towers after a thunderstorm wreaked havoc on the TV and then shortly afterwards (coincidence or otherwise) phone and internet went down.

The result is very peaceful, but it does make communicating with the outside world a bit of a challenge. Normal service (they assure me) will be resumed as soon as possible.

2 responses

  1. It’s a perfect time for a gambol in the meadow. If you wanted to keep the gambol early cinema-related, you could wave your arms around like Lillian Gish and drool over a bunny.

  2. Unfortunately the weather in Blighty this spring is not ideal for meadow-gamboling, not unless one can gambol with heavy coat, boots and umbrella. Which would worry the rabbits. I hope to be back online properly by Friday.

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