My Bioscope

My thanks go to Matthew Solomon, author of the recently published Disappearing Tricks: Silent Film, Houdini, and the New Magic of the Twentieth Century for bringing this poem to my attention. The heartfelt piece is from the Warwick Trading Company’s Cinematograph and Bioscope Magazine, May 1906:

I trouble not, nor fret,
But have unbounded hope,
With me there’s no regret,
Whilst I’ve my Bioscope.

Whatever comes or goes,
There’s nothing makes me mope;
I feel I have no foes,
When I’ve a Bioscope.

What cares may come, through fate,
I with them all will cope,
They trouble not my pate,
Whilst I’ve my Bioscope.

Warwick. Without apologies to the others

True doubtless for the projector that Warwick marketed, but hopefully no less true for this blog (which is shaping up to enjoy its highest ever monthly viewing figures, for which much thanks to all).

(And for those who are concerned about these things, our logo shows a Warwick Bioscope projector c.1900)

6 responses

  1. A very apt poem for the blog as well. Things “trouble not my pate” when I have this wonderful blog to read. Thank you, Luke, for all the knowledge you have shared.

  2. Hmm, we don’t want lugubrious. It sort of works to the Beatles’ Eight Days a Week, but I’m open to all suggestions. Of course, an improvised accompaniment by a pianist who’s not had the chance to see the words before would be sort of appropriate.

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