Silent Screen Slots

So far in our investigations of the worlds of silent cinema past and present, somehow we have managed to avoid the online betting phenomenon. No more! For William Hill Casino have just announced the creation of Silent Screen Slots, a new video slot game based on silent cinema, “a tasteful and exciting window into the cinema of yesteryear”.

As you can see from the above preview, generic images of your favourite silent screen cliches are accompanied by the inevitably tinkly piano music. The full experience reportedly brings you “many big movie stars such as Charlie Chaplin” and, they promise, “fitting tributes to many classic films”. We could have a certain amount of fun imagining what such fitting tributes could have been (The Gold Rush, Pay Day), but the major features are an unidentifiable actress as the wild symbol (offering you the “top-line winning of 5,000 coins”) and “the Scatter symbols that also provide excitement, with 5 scattered cameras paying some 200 times a player’s bet, or 5,000 coins if 25 coins per line are wagered”. Finally there’s a “Movie Mayhem” jackpot feature, with golden movie tickets hidden in the concession stand (which looks decidely not from the silent era), with four “generous progressive jackpots” to aim for. “Overall, there’s excitement and top-class Silent Screen entertainment awaiting players at this video slots game”.

Exciting, entertaining and tasteful – what better way could there be for you to lose your money?

2 responses

  1. Welcome to my world…..this is marginally better, I have to say, than the machines I’m subjected to in my day job as a Betting shop manager…currently one of the slots game on offer is on a Rocky theme….the soundtrack to my current working life is the opening bars of Eye of The Tiger followed by the full Rocky theme every time someone hits a feature….oh, the horror. Only marginally better is the dancing leprechauns with their Oirish fiddling…..

  2. Aha, I thought you’d be lured by this story. Having The Eye of the Tiger as the soundtrack to your working life must be truly tough. I once organised a programme of silent boxing films at the NFT and advised Stephen Horne to play The Eye of the Tiger theme to the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight of 1897. Which he bravely did. I don’t think he’s ever really forgiven me.

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