A bit of an unmakeover

OK, I admit it – the re-design was a mistake. I was swept off my feet by the new theme at WordPress which seemed to offer the chance to spruce up the site, which had been looking a bit samey. Or so I thought. But it was too tricksy in style, and worse was that it messed up the information on the right-hand column when viewed with some older versions of browsers. So I’ve returned to ‘Contempt’ (such is name of the WordPress theme), which does the job best, though I’ve kept the new banner. Because I like it.

As you were then.

3 responses

  1. I didn’t want to say so, but I wasn’t keen on the new design, and am glad you’ve gone back to this style…..the other style looked exactly like every other blog I’ve seen, while this design has…..a touch of elegance??

  2. Dunno about elegance. Maybe modest efficiency. I’d like to be free of custom-made designs one day, but it’s getting the information across that counts.

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