A bit of a makeover

After two years’ existence, it felt like it was time for The Bioscope to have a bit of a makeover. So, as you can see, we have abandoned the practical but plain ‘Contempt’ theme that WordPress kindly provides for those like me lacking in the skills to design our own, and we have adopted the ‘Vigilance’ theme, together with a new banner.

I hope the new style helps a little with readability and accessibility. I’ve trimmed some of the categories and so forth for extra clarity, and there are improved features such as selections under Categories or under search enquiries coming up as a list of posts rather than the post in full, which should aid searching and browsing. There may need to be some further tweaking along the way, and I have plans for new features – and will need to find space for them. Anyway, I hope things look fresher, and that you’ll keep on reading The Bioscope.

5 responses

  1. Waauuughhhh! The new look frightened me at first, I thought The Bioscope had gone away. But it’s a nice, clean, classy update for the Old Girl. Nice!

  2. Well, the die is cast now. I’ve been wanting to freshen up the look for some while now,but nothing was quite right until this new theme turned up. It makes some of the pictures in old posts look small, and I don’t like how it increases the font size for quotations, but in other respects it sharpens things up. Sort of looks a bit newsier.

  3. Thanks Joe, glad you like it. The design is someone else’s, but I did do the banner (by brilliantly inverting the old one). I won’t give up the day job, just yet.

  4. Could anyone looking at this blog with an older browser let me know if it looks OK? I checked its new look today at work, where we are lumbered with Internet Explorer 6.0, and the links on the right-hand column had disappeared, or rather they had been pushed to the bottom of the page where you couldn’t see them. The site seems fine with latest versions of Firefox, Explorer and Chrome, but any reports of anomalies with other or older versions of browsers would be welcome.

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