Happy birthday from James and Sagar


The British Film Institute is seventy-five years old, and it wants the world to know about it. Specifically, it wants people in London next weekend looking for some rewarding way to spend their time to know about it, because it is organising a ‘Birthday Weekender‘ which promises as much fun for the family as film can probably provide.

Part of the celebration are two free shows of the renowned actuality films of Edwardian life made by (Sagar) Mitchell and (James) Kenyon, one on September 27th showing films of Ireland, the other on the 28th showing films of Liverpool, each introduced by Vanessa Toulmin, with music accompaniment by Stephen Horne. Both shows are at 14.00, and if by some chance you have managed to miss the films of Mitchell and Kenyon up til now (what have you been doing?), now is your chance.

Don’t forget also the Best of the British Silent Film Festival, also featuring 26-28 September at the same venue. Turn up on the 26th and see yours truly present an Olympic Games archive film show.

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